Responsibility, as a Environmentalist

Sustainable development and ecological balance are possible only when environmental stability is maintained. Dr Ishari K.Ganesh used to take meticulous care in maintaining a green environment.

He is keen to participate in “Swachh Bharath” programs. He plants trees in all his celebrations and is interested in maintaining all his campus green. He plants 365 saplings every year by involving NSS volunteers, a count that means one for each day.

He has also installed three windmills with a generation capacity of 250 KW each with an average annual wind power generation of 8,93,934 units for securing alternative energy.

He has instructed all institutions under his control not to generate any non-degradable waste. He has also established and maintained a herbal garden in the dental college campus in Thalambur.

He regularly arranges for students to engage in full swing cleaning of railway stations, contributing their labour as responsible citizens towards seeing a clean India.

Dr. Ishari K. Ganesh with Kavignar Vairamuthu